“Memory is the first stage of learning, and the individuals who learn most readily are those that combine a great memory with a capacity for analytic thinking” (Professor Sue Gathercole, Cognitive Psychologist, Director of MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge)

The educational programs of East West Center include not only traditional academic disciplines, but also modern methods of children’s education. One of those is eidetic. It is a very young trend in pedagogy, but it is already recognized as one of the most effective tool among other teaching methods.

What can you reach with the help of eidetic?

This technique helps to memorize and assimilate large amounts of information with the help of figurative and associative thinking. “To date, during classes, children easily remember lists of words, picture sets, symbols,” says the instructor of the eidetic course, Anzhelika Frolova. “At the first lesson, it wasn’t so easy for them. We checked their memory with small tests and started to play. Our classes are fun, interesting and intense. The children learn different ways of memorizing and remembering various types of information. We talk, make jokes, do exercises from “Smart Gymnastics”, and we learn to think positively.

Why is eidetic so useful for a child?

These lessons can take your child to the next level through teaching them:

  • to read faster;
  • to memorize text and digital material – poems, rules, formulas, mathematical evidence;
  • to understand the contents of texts of any complexity from the first reading and be able to retell them;
  • to analyze and compare information, separate important information from secondary information.

Our teachers use the most interesting and engaging techniques for providing the best memory training during a game:

  1. Memorizing words. We make a small funny story from the words, keeping a given sequence. This method of memorization can be trained in the process of doing household tasks with the child. You can also create short rhymes to turn the active memory of the words and names of subjects on.
  2. Memorizing the necessary information through images and pictures. It is easier to remember the numbers, letters or words with the help of the association and emphasizing on peculiarities. This method is commonly used to memorize poems and stories.

We play various developing games to improve the state of memory. For example, for little students the game “What’s lost?” works the best. The teacher takes three subjects at the first stage, like a pencil, a car, a doll, and put them in front of the toddler and ask him to name these items. Then the child turns away, and we remove one of the three items. The task of the student is to name the object that we hid. You can complicate this game: increase the number of items, take into account their sequence of location, etc.

Would you like to play now?  We can do the exercise “Paradoxical ties.” Try to connect two unusual words, for example, “cloud” and “light bulb”, with an unusual, funny, paradoxical story-ligament. Imagine a light, cool, fluffy cloud, from which, instead of the rain, many colored lights fall. You can use any image you like, the only rule is to make is as funny as possible. Easily, with humor, you can put any information into your head, and most importantly – for a long time.

Children who have mastered the techniques of eidetic spend less time on homework assignments, learn the material easier, increase their interest in acquiring new knowledge and reading, and get good grades more regularly. Eidetic is a unique technique for developing memory, attention and improving people’s thinking. With its help, it is possible to memorize the school material easily and operatively, getting pleasure from this process. Vocabulary words can be remembered using the method of sound associations; not related information can be memorized using associative chains; mnemonics and the method of pictograms will help memorizing poems and texts.

Eidetic help children to learn the multiplication table; it helps high school students and students to become more familiar with physics, chemistry and other complex subjects.

As a conclusion:

  1. If you need to remember something – imagine it,
  2. The funnier is your image or story – the better,

3. Don’t hesitate to bring your child to a trial lesson!

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