All children are curious by nature, adore adventures and are actively interested in how the world works. Why should not these traits be used for their development? For such purpose you cannot find a better subject than history. You can travel through time, dig into the “secrets of the century”, reside events that had past long time ago and learn about the world in all its diversity. Children are extremely excited and engaged!

The history course is designed for children from 6 years. The program covers the most interesting historical stages: from the time of the beginning of mankind, through the period of the appearance of the first states, the era of knight tournaments, up to the Viking campaigns and medieval wars. One of the most cognitive sections of our courses is the period of the appearance of the oldest civilizations. Children get acquainted with the history of ancient Egypt, Greco-Roman Empire, China, India.

In the classroom, children learn about historical facts and subjects that enable them to comprehend how people lived before us, how they looked, how their houses were arranged, what clothes they wore, what they ate and what they were doing.

They learn about the Egyptian gods and dynasties of the pharaohs, reveal the secrets of Egyptian mummies and pyramids. With pleasure and great interest, they read the myths and legends of ancient Greece, plunging into the world of ancient deities, fairy-tale monsters and magical plants. With curiosity they discover the technical achievements of ancient Roman civilization.

Dry facts have no place on the lessons in our history class! Classes are held in interactive form – children conduct historical research, arrange live reconstruction of events, get acquainted with scientific discoveries, put forward their own hypotheses.

The main objectives of the course are:

  • expand the horizon of the child;
  • develop the ability to analyze and build a cause-effect relationship;
  • to teach to think logically;
  • enrich speech by using new words and concepts.

One of the most important stage in the formation of the self-consciousness of a child is understanding of their place in history and the connection of epochs and generations. At the age of 6-10 children actively absorb social experience, social norms and traditions existing in their environment. The main task of our teachers is to fit all this in the context of wider historical events and trends.


Course Features

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  • Duration 50 часов
  • Skill level Все уровни
  • Language Английский
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