Welcome to our Russian long-established supplementary school!

Serving Russian speaking community for over 10 years, East-West School is a childhood education institution that addresses the social, emotional and educational needs of children between the ages of two and fourteen as well as adults. The school offers multiple levels of Russian Language, Math, Science Art and History, along with Young mind programs and a wide array of creative classes, including Art, Craft, Puppet Theater, Kalinka Dance Ensemble and other dance classes, Eidetic. We also provide one-day camps and seasonal camps, after-school program, and classes for toddlers with parents.

This unique school delivers an environment where kids engage their imagination, foster their creativity, master their academic achievements and build a well-rounded love of learning. 

What’s special about our school?

Our classes are small and organized accordingly to children’s age and proficiency in Russian, while our experienced teachers deliver material tailored to meet the individual needs of each student. This innovative approach allows for deep skill and self-efficacy development. Classes are fun and developmentally appropriate and form the foundation of language learning and academic success in future years.

Our curriculum and dedicated teaching team of skilled educators work together to scaffold for your child’s learning edge. 

Our teachers use their own author’s methods and take into account the specifics of each age group. They create fun and engaging atmosphere for students by using an accessible game form and constantly educate themselves on newest and the most progressive techniques in the field of youth development.

Explore our classes and find out what works best for you!

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