Русский для взрослых

Русский для взрослых


  • WHEN: every Tuesday, 6-8pm
  • DURATION: a year
  • LEVEL: beginners
  • PRICE: $200/month
  • TEACHER: a native speaker with 20+ years of teaching experience


“A person who knows only one language actually doesn’t know any language”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Modern life is bustling. It’s busy with work and other commitments and you are likely to have no time to devote to a language course that requires hours of studying. We understand that and designed this course with you in mind. The main purpose of this program is to develop colloquial Russian and basic conversation in order for you to feel comfortable without an interpreter or an English-Russian phrase book. The course doesn’t require preparation of large volumes of homework, but looking through what has been studied and filling in gaps through exercises.

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This class is taught by an experienced native-speaking teacher almost entirely in Russian. By the end of the course, you will develop basic reading skills, obtain a basic understanding of the general grammatical structure, be able to use the learned constructions and to easily model new ones. The course will not cover all aspects of the Russian language, but nevertheless, it will help you to understand how it looks, where your difficulties are, and what you need to master.


  • Spoken by about 400 million people in the world, Russian is considered one of the five most influential world languages and is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Russian culture is especially rich and fascinating.
  • Russian is an important language of culture and science. Russian writers, composers, and filmmakers have enriched world culture for generations. Science has been advanced as a result of the achievements and inventions of famous Russian physicists, chemists, and mathematicians.
  • With the opening of Eastern Europe, Russia, and CIS countries, the region has created opportunities for independent trade, business, and cultural contacts. For the first time, direct business contacts have become possible between Russia and the West.
  • Considering the high market potential and the vast business development opportunities across industries in Russia and the emerging markets in Russian-speaking countries such as Russia, CIS, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, a knowledge of Russian can be an asset for any career.
  • Those who study Russian will find themselves particularly well-equipped for positions in diplomatic service, international affairs, human rights, development work, public service, communication, publishing, travel, tourism, and teaching.
  • Students who acquire knowledge of Russian might find themselves in demand for translating, interpreting, and consultancies in business, health, and legal matters, especially when considering that many Russians do not speak English.

Join “Russian for Adults” today! Learn a new language, make new friends, get yourself a new hobby, or just spend time in a friendly environment!

Детали курса

  • Лекции 0
  • Тесты 0
  • Учебное время 1 year
  • Навык Beginners
  • Язык English/Russian
  • Студенты 5
  • Оценки Да
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