invites children from 2.5 to 5 years.
Classes are held in a comprehensive program:
1. Learning to read on cubes Zaitseva – speech development, familiarity with letters, vocabulary,
and concentration on active vocabulary. Cubes Zaitsev is not only the best teaching methods of
teaching reading, this technique also provides the intellectual development of your baby.

2. Music – developing a basic sense of movements, coordination, hearing, musical sense of
rhythm, an ability to listen and be attentive, and the development of concentration.
3. Mathematics and logic – developing understanding in elementary mathematical concepts
(quantitative and ordinal score, the ratio of objects, numbers, part numbers, arithmetic).

4. Painting – Developing and growing the imagination, creativity, fine motor skills, and visual

All classes are taught in small groups (5-6 people). We help to broaden your child's way of
thinking and reveal talents that we firmly believe all human beings have! We do not recognize
the limitations but rather focus on providing each child with an individual approach.
The program is aimed at building knowledge and covers all types of speech activity: the ability
to read and understand what they read, the ability to listen and hear, the ability to not only
competently speak, but to interpret the role of words in verbal communication, to communicate
in words that connect with their thoughts and feelings, and to seek independent literary work.
In the process of training lessons, children master the various counting operations, notions of
shape, size, volume and time. Self-guided in surrounding space, children are introduced to
geometric concepts.
We wish you much success and invite you to our classes!

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